Franchise Bible Table of Contents

Franchise Bible 8th Edition


Table of Contents



PART I: Buying and Operating a Franchise (Becoming a Franchise Owner)

Chapter 1: The Basics of Franchising and the Changing Landscape of Franchise Marketing and Recruiting
What Franchising is Today
Why Choose Franchising?
The Changing Landscape of Franchise Marketing and Recruiting
The Five Pillars of Marketing
The Sixth Pillar: The Internet
Internet and Social Media
Chapter 2: Choosing the Right Franchise Opportunity
Why Buy a Franchise Instead of Going It Alone?
Am I a Good Franchise Candidate?
The Discovery Process .
Interviewing Existing Franchise Owners (Franchisees)
Quit the Team and Join the Party
Buying An Existing Franchise
Chapter 3: Legal Considerations
Understanding the Franchise Documents
Setting Up Your Business Entity
Other Contracts
Chapter 4: Franchise Funding and Finance
Obtaining Start Up Financing or Funding
General Financing Options
Creative Financing Options
Commit to Financial Literacy
Chapter 5: Location, Location, Location
Real Estate Leases
The Best Location for Your New Business
Partially Equipped Locations
Tenant Improvement Dollars (TI) and Free Rent From the Landlord
Choosing a Commercial Real Estate Broker
Chapter 6: Build-out and Construction Team
Choosing Your Project Manager
Choosing Your Architect
Choosing Your General Contractor
Dealing With Permits and Inspections
Build-Out Budget and Timeline
Franchisor Requirements
Chapter 7: Building a Winning Team
Recruiting Applicants
Keeping Good Records & HR Support
Compensation, Bonuses, Benefits and Incentives
Legal Considerations
Payroll and Payroll Tax management
Company Culture and Managing Staff
Chapter 8: Launch, Grow, Thrive!
Marketing Your Franchise
Making the Most of Your Franchise
Owner’s Advisory Panel
Leadership Opportunities
Structure Options Within Franchising to Consider

PART II: Franchise Your Business (Becoming a Franchisor)

Chapter 9: Franchising Fundamentals
Starting a Whole New Business
Business Expansion Options
Structure Options within Franchising
Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising
Can Your Business Be Franchised?
The Final Decision to Franchise
Working Capital Considerations

Chapter 10: Franchise Law Considerations
Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement
Federal Law
State Law
Financial Performance Representations
Audited Financial Statement Requirements
Three Franchise Decision Lens Philosophy
Disciplinary Actions
Transfer, Renewal, and Termination Clauses
Operations Manual
Chapter 11:Building a Strong Franchise Organization
Company Infrastructure
Why Buy Your Franchise?
Buying Power, Approved Suppliers and Other Revenue Sources
Facility Evaluation and Selecting Your Central Office
Growth and Staffing Plan
Chapter 12: Strategize to Thrive!
You Can’t Just “Try” Franchising
Choosing the Best Franchise Owners
Happy Franchise Owners Make More Money
Inspiration vs. Motivation
Choosing Franchise Experts
Registration State Strategy


Chapter 13: Building Your Franchise Community
Creating Your Franchise Support Systems and Team
Avoid the “Franchise Doldrums”
Become a Great Event Coordinator
Creating and Hosting Discovery/Decision Day Events
Forming and Managing Your Owner’s Advisory Committee
Offering Franchise Rewards and Incentive Programs

Chapter 14: Franchise Marketing
Decades of Traditional Marketing
Game Changer — the Internet and Beyond
Back to the Basics: Regaining the Discovery Process
Leveling the Playing Field
Redefining the Basics of Marketing — the Five Pillars of Marketing
Internet Technology: the Sixth Pillar

Chapter 15: Final Thoughts on Franchising Your Business
Can You Afford The Franchising Process?
Impounds and Deferred Fee Collection Stipulations
Multi-state Franchise Taxes and Accounting
Franchise Associations and Advertising Councils
Franchise Discovery Process
Avoiding Litigation and Arbitration
Franchise Fees, Royalties, and Other Fee
Making the Decision to Franchise

PART III: Franchise Ten Commandments — Thou Shalt Thrive!

Franchisor’s Ten Commandments
Franchise Owner’s Ten Commandments
Glossary — Franchise Nomenclature
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